Love & Passion

Art of Sing 2 is proud to present a unique collection of vibrant artwork by artist Sing 2. Internationally renowned for color, imagination, and positivity. Sing 2 brings a diverse array of artwork that is captivating with spiritual aestheics, its eye candy for your soul. A portion of my proceeds will always be donated to one of our nonprofit organizations, helping Laos to clear bombs and rebuild rural villages & schools

Artist Bio


Born in Vientiane, Laos, my family was sponsored by German Mennonites into Abbotsford, BC, Canada when I was 2 years old. I've also lived in Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Renton, WA, Gresham, OR, and now my heart is back Vancouver, BC.

I'm in love with art & fashion. I've been known as a struggling artist and been called a label whore. I stroke my canvas with passion and shop with detailed eyes. I am unique and like no other. Art (all mediums) was always my get away in high school.  My adult years I fell in love with oil but I also enjoy painting with acrylic, I love the texture and emotions that come with oil but I love the convenience of the dry time with acrylic. My paintings are bright, colorful, soulful, full of texture, emotional, and tasty. Delivering positive energy and eye candy for your soul.


Love the oringinal art work me and my husband purchased about a year ago. I can turly appreciate the meaning of conversation piece, great work Sing 2.

Pilar Roberts

 Brought the CHAKRACADO print to brighten up my office space, love the colors and vibe.

Lauren McCoy

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