Artist bio

Sing 2

 Born in Vientiane, Laos. My family was sponsored by German Mennonites into Abbotsford, BC, Canada when I was 2 years old. I've also lived in Dallas, TX. Las Vegas, NV. Seattle, Wa. Gresham, OR. and now my heart is back Vancouver, BC.I'm in love with art & fashion. I've been known as a struggling artist and been called a label whore. I stroke my canvas with passion and shop with detailed eyes.
I am unique and like no other. Art (all mediums) was always my get away in high school.  My adult years I fell in love with oil but i also enjoy painting with acrylic, I love the texture and emotions that come with oil but i love the convenience of the dry time with acrylic. My paintings are bright, colorful, soulful, full of texture, emotional, and tasty. Delivering positive energy and eye candy for your soul.
 Falling in love with both of my dogs Chili (Lili Rice Powder Pad) & Stone (Chioncheeze), I've decided to dedicate my passion to animals and any one else in need in our universe. I've realized that there so many other animals and people I don't even know that my heart gets heavy for. A portion of my proceeds will always be donated to (Non-Profit) No Kill Animal Rescues and other (Non-Profit) Charities. My main focus, always, is for my country Laos, to clear the bomb mines and rebuild schools, for children are our future. My Goal is to travel to Laos and teach children/adults to paint & BE THE LOVE! Also if you have any favorite non-profit organizations to suggest, I'm always open, you pick & I pay! We can make positive waves together, only causing massive love ripple affects.

I am alive through my paintings. Love conquers all. I hope you dig my paintings for they are pieces of me, you, all of us. I'm always open for commission work. Agapé!
  Blesses, Massive Love Waves!