Laos is the 'most bombed country’ in the world per capita, as a result of heavy aerial attacks in the 60s and 70s during the Vietnam War. Although Laos People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) is committed to removing the bombs, the scale of the problem continues to put lives at risk.

Around 20,000 people—40 per cent of them children—have been killed or injured by cluster bombs or other unexploded items in Laos since the war ended.

Our work is focused in Savannaket Province, where 70 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line. Most families are almost entirely dependent on growing rice, but unexploded bombs make cultivating rice potentially life threatening. Since 2012, we have destroyed over 62,000 explosives and taught communities how to recognise and report dangerous items, so families no longer need to choose between taking risks or going hungry.


For families living surrounding by landmines and explosives, risk education is a matter of life and death. 


Organizations we've donated  to:

Zaliegh/ Go fundme,Medical bills
Peace and Paws and Paws Dog Rescue
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
No Kill Coalition Animal Rescue
Animal Aid Unlimited, India - 6x
Empact Nepal Fundraiser-Donated "Mary Juana"24x28.Oil
Laos Abbotsford Christian Missionary
Firefighters eastern Wa, Omak, Okanogan, North Star Fire and Tunkblock Fire 
Wolf Conservation Center
Operation Kindness, Dallas,TX - 2x
Donated to Portland Children Gallery- "Soulfood" 24x48. Oil
Domestic Violence/The Lash Exchange
Sugar Bear/Go fundme, Haley Price
Ride to Conquer Cancer/ Michelle Krack
Article22/Laos, clear bombs
Legacies of War/Laos, clear bombs & build schools
Laos family, Sandy Sayavong home burnt down 1/1/18, Gofundme
Jai Lao Foundation-Attapeu, Laos flood
Jai Lao Foundation-Donated Painting
Future of Hope-Hope for the Silent- Voices/Child Trafficking in Cambodia-Donated "Be the Love"24x48. Oil & Acrylic
Joy-Werker. plow snow reservation
Native women's Association of Canada
The List is going to keep on growing cuz we are the LOVE TRIBE